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Loving connection

In the long-term development, parents will learn how to cooperate with the child, become more attentive and more understanding of the child's abilities and moods, with more realistic expectations for him or her.

A balanced future

The regular practice according to a customized training plan is a well-tested tool for parents to help their children catch up. The personalized tasks strengthen the nervous system structures necessary for the child’s well-being.

A unique therapy with a complex approach

The developmental training has a beneficial effect on the child’s motor development, attention, memory, language development and communication as well. Our policy encourages our practitioners to work in partnership with parents throughout the process.

High quality training of professionals

The practice-oriented and quality assured trainings of the TSMT-HRG College guarantee that our professionals have the latest knowledge, enabling them provide the necessary assistance for parents of children with developmental delays.

The BHRG Model ©

The BHRG model©, which includes the Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Gymnastics (HRG), the Targeted Sensorimotor Therapy (TSMT) and the Sensorimotor Test (SMT), was developed by Katalin Lakatos PhD, between 1984 and 1993. The BHRG model© is unique, since it has its proprietary testing method using the sensorimotor approach and emphasizing the child’s individual skills and developmental milestones, rather than making a generalized diagnosis. Children assessed with the test, after the therapeutic goals are defined, if necessary, participate in a sensorimotor training programme based on training theory. It often takes place with parent involvement, which promotes the child’s personalized development as well.



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