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Name of Training Center TSMT-HRG College - Hungary
Adress 1037 Budapest, Erdőalja út 176. Hungary
Code of Training Center BHRG-HU
Professional supervisor Mónika Hering
Educational administration Katalin Kreutz - new applicant management
Gabriella Balázsi - approved student management

TSMT-HRG College in Hungary is currently the only training center where students can master the Longitudinal Complex Examination (LongiKid ©), Targeted Sensory-Motor Training (TSMT ©) and Hydrotherapeutic Rehabilitation Gymnastics (HRG ©) methodologies in a one-and -a-half year-modular system. .

The training center is the successor to the courses conducted by the old BHRG Foundation, which were held by Katalin Lakatos PhD until 2016.

Our instructors are all professionals with decades of experience, who completed the therapeutic training at Katalin Lakatos and then continued their training in the Update System.

We have an extensive mentoring network nationwide, making it easier for our students and graduates to complete the shadowing processes.