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About us


The unique legacy of the BHRG Foundation and SMT, TSMT and HRG methods, has been created by my mother, Katalin Lakatos PhD. Currently this legacy includes education of new therapists (TSMT-HRG College), using the method with children (TSMT Development Center) and supporting and advocating for children in need (BHRG Foundation).

Our staff is waiting for your inquiry, whether you are contacting us as a parent, as a professional or as a supporter.

Fanni Fenyősi


Fanni Fenyősi

BHRG Foundation - Chairman of the Board of Trustees
TSMT-HRG College Kft - Managing Director
Successor to the intellectual property of the TSMT and HRG methods

TSMT Center for Child Development

Eszter Farkas

Professional Leader

Veronika Drimál


Dorottya Gál-Mikulás

Administrative Coordinator
+36 30 622 8122

Dorina Sárvári

Administrative Coordinator
+36 30 622 8122

BHRG Foundation

Anita Madács

Professional Leader
Ambassador of Children with Diverging Development

Zoltán Sallai


Eszter Hámori

Board of Trustees
Pázmány Péter Catholic University
Faculty of Developmental and Clinical Child Psychology
PhD and associate Professor


Mónika Hering

Professional Leader - Ethical Committee
Responsible for Therapist Quality Management

Rita Vándor

Professional Leader
Foreign Relations

Katalin Kreutz

Educational Administrator
Coordinator for new applicants

Gabriella Balázsi

Educational Administration
Coordinator for active students