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The BHRG model©, which includes the Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Gymnastics (HRG), the Targeted Sensory-motor Therapy (TSMT) and the Sensory-motor Test (SMT), was developed by Katalin Lakatos PhD, between 1984 and 1993.

The BHRG model© is unique, since it has its proprietary testing method using the sensorimotor approach and emphasizing the child’s individual skills and developmental milestones, rather than making a generalized diagnosis. Children assessed with the test, after the therapeutic goals are defined, if necessary, participate in a sensorimotor training programme based on training theory. It often takes place with parent involvement, which promotes the child’s personalized development as well.

About the method

The professional concept of the TSMT and HRG methods was developed by Katalin Lakatos PhD. The screening and therapeutic method developed by her supports the preventive, habilitational and rehabilitational development of children between 3 months to 11 years of age with developmental disorders, such as premature birth, delayed speech and/or motor development, hyperactivity, autism, attention and/or learning difficulties, behavioural problems, poor school readiness skills, etc.


Comprehensive examination

If you have a child with possible developmental disorder, or if you want to find out your child’s developmental skills profile, or if you are seeking the proper kindergarten or school for your child, it is recommended to register for a sensorimotor-oriented test available between 3 months to 11 years of age.


Individual TSMT Therapy

If your child has a speech or motor skills delay of more than 6 months, or is unable to attend group sessions due to cooperation difficulties, or has an outstanding delay in some particular developmental milestone, it is recommended to start a home-based, individual TSMT with one of our therapist/development specialists.


Group TSMT Therapy

Group sessions of TSMT are recommended for children who have minor delays in the motor skills or attentional functions and do not have trouble working in a small group. It is strongly recommended to start the therapy for preschool children one or two years before school or for children in first or second grade.


Hydrotherapy (HRG)

During the water-based HRG sessions, children and parents can perform the exercises defined by the therapist in homogeneous groups. In the water, even children with limited mobility, or children with hypersensitivity or attachment disorder will gain a sense of accomplishment, while the development sessions are intense and enjoyable for everyone.


Information Based on Diagnoses

The TSMT and HRG methods improve the chances of children with developmental delays by reducing some of their symptoms. In case of various diagnoses and groups of disorders, the method can help in different areas. To learn more about that, look for the symptom you are interested in.